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  • Savings Solutions

    Saving is EASY with Victoria Mutual whether you're just getting started and full of big dreams, or ready to start saving for home ownership, or your child's education we have a savings solution to meet your every need. Now more than ever, planning for the Financial Independence for yourself and your loved ones is important.

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  • Loan & Mortgage Solutions

    Committed to helping you achieve home ownership by not only helping you save for your deposit and closing costs but helping you secure your home with Jamaica's best mortgage solution. We're proud of who we are today - a Building Society, working to help your many dreams come true.

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  • Wealth Management

    Our mission is to help you build the financial future you want, and that means different things for each of our clients. We're focused on helping you achieve your goals while preserving and enhancing your wealth.

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  • Property & Real Estate Services

    We are your go-to partner once you're ready to buy, lease or rent a home or commercial property. We'll also take care of your valuations and property management if you need us to.

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  • Money Transfer Services

    The fast, efficient, affordable and secure way to send and receive money and take care of your bills at home with super friendly service. Don't worry. Be Happy.

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  • General Insurance

    British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC), an affiliate of Victoria Mutual, does everything to make sure that the life you've worked to build is protected.

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  • Pension Fund Administration

    Put time on your side. Your future self will thank you for it! The sooner you start saving for retirement, the easier it will be to have the life you imagine and the experiences you desire during your golden years.

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Opening an account with Victoria Mutual makes you a Member and Owner of our building society. See how you can harness the #PowerofVMMembership as we partner with you in improving your quality of life. Click here to read more


Our commitment to Jamaica has led to the implementation of several Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through our VM Foundation. At Victoria Mutual, we are committed to empowering individuals within our communities, locally and in the diaspora, with programmes, delivered through a dedicated team of volunteers and partners focused on improving quality of life. Find out more