Each year, the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast brings together our nation’s leaders for prayer and fellowship. The attendees include leaders of State, Church, and civic life.

Victoria Mutual has been sponsoring this event since 1985, with the Victoria Mutual Foundation providing direct sponsorship since 2019.

The purpose of the annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast is to foster greater unity in the nation, particularly among the nation’s leaders, at all levels.

The first National Leadership Prayer Breakfast was held in January 1981, following the General Election of October 1980.

It arose out of the Church’s concern for peace and justice, reconciliation and unity in the nation.


Fact Sheet

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2021 Breakfast

Cornel West, professor at Harvard Divinity School, says this: “You can’t talk about hope without wrestling with despair.” Oct. 12, 2015.

The apostle Paul says this about hope in Romans 5.5: “Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

At the end of 2020 it is possible to have 20/20 vision of what such a leap year could bring. We saw the highs and lows of despair and balanced that with the strength, which hope in the Incarnate WORD made manifest in the Lord Jesus.

Such is the hope that inspires faith in humanity, life, family, human potentiality, and tenacity to keep living and aspiring to perennial ideals.

Therefore, the theme ‘Keep Hope Alive’ intends to empower national leadership to inspire their collective constituents to reach beyond ourselves to achieve something greater than ourselves, which resembles our perception of what peace, justice and liberty ought to be. The Church is committed to this process.

To believe in the theme is to affirm that our best is yet to come. We will always keep Hope alive.

Message from the NLPB Chairman

Rt. Rev. Stanley G. Clarke, Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

COVID 19 took the globe by storm. The pandemic brought the world to its knees and exposed our vulnerability as mortals. It made us realize how fleeting life is and how we should value life. We should not take the sanctity of human life for granted. COVID 19 also exposed our resilience and creativity as a people. We can respond to any crisis, any challenge that life may thrust upon us.

We thank the Government for its bold leadership in confronting the challenge COVID 19 has brought to us. While we are aware of its impact on every aspect of society, including the economy, we celebrate the innovations and efforts of so many Jamaicans from all walks of life and from every level of society to fight the spread of the pandemic, and to overcome the numerous setbacks and challenges it has brought in its wake. Like the iconic Doctor bird, as Jamaicans, we ‘bounce right back.’

It is against this background that I am pleased to announce that we will on January 21, 2021, be hosting the Annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, as we have been doing on the third Thursday of January, for the past 41 years. This year however, it will be a virtual event, allowing us to share in worship and reflection as leaders of the nation in a COVID-19 appropriate manner.

This decision to host a virtual NLPB is indicative of our resilience as people of faith. It is a triumph of faith over fear as the Church seeks to inspire our world to ‘keep hope alive’ even in moments of despair.

Our theme this year (2021) is KEEP HOPE ALIVE’. It not a radical or new idea, but it is a timely and necessary call to all of us, that despite the challenges, we cannot give up.

We cannot live without something to hope in and to hope for. The apostle Paul in Romans 5.5 says this about Christian hope… “Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

After one of the most devastating years, the year 2020, it is possible to have ‘20/20 vision’ of what a leap year could bring. We saw the highs and lows of despair balanced by the strength, which hope brings. For us as a Christian people, hope has its source in the Incarnate WORD made flesh and manifested in the historic person of Jesus Christ. He brought Good News into the world, in an age of chaos and fear. That is the basis of our hope.

I would like to acknowledge our deep gratitude to our partners in the media for your invaluable support over the years, especially to those of you who are joining us today. Your role in the nation is to help ‘KEEP HOPE ALIVE’.

On behalf of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee, I would also like to convey our gratitude to our Patron, the Governor General, His Excellency, the Most Honorable Sir Patrick Allen, who continues to bless us with his kind patronage of this event.

To the Victoria Mutual Group, under the leadership of Mr. Courtney Campbell, President and CEO, Ms. Naketa West, Manager of the VM Foundation, and their staff, we thank you for your continued partnership with the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast for over thirty-five (35) years. We continue to pray for God’s blessing on your mission as a Private Sector group building Jamaica’s family life and economic well-being.

This year we are especially grateful to the Foundation and to the VM Communications team for lending their considerable experience and expertise in helping us to move into the ‘digital age’ not only in facilitating the production and streaming of this year’s event but in creating a space for us in the online and social media space.

We also continue to benefit from other great partnerships we have with ProComm Ltd under the leadership of Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin, OGM Integrated Communications, and Market Research Services led by Mr. Don Anderson. Thank you for your great support of this endeavor for the nation of Jamaica on behalf of the Church.


Main speaker

Rev. Dr. Dylan Toussaint

Rev. Toussaint is the pastor of the Edgewater/Waterford Circuit of Baptist Churches in Portmore, St. Catherine.

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Youth speaker

Fitzroy ‘Pablo’ Wickham

Fitzroy is the Jamaica Rhodes Scholar 2021.

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Week of prayer for the nation


Pray for our religious leaders

  • Let us give thanks for those that provide moral and spiritual leadership to the Nation.
  • Let us ask God to equip them and use them to lead our citizens into living Godly lives.

Pray for our private sector leaders

  • Let us give thanks for those who lead private enterprises and generate resources for our country.
  • Let us ask God to prosper them, those that work with them and the nation through them.
  • Let us pray for their success as they take steps to re-open businesses and restore jobs
  • Let us pray that God will grant them wisdom to see new business opportunities, amidst COVID-19, that will benefit their owners, staff and the country.

Pray for our public sector leaders

  • Let us give thanks for those who lead public enterprises and manage the resources of the nation on behalf of its citizens, especially during COVID-19.
  • Let us pray that God will bless them and their teams with wisdom, knowledge, integrity and the skills necessary to improve national well-being.

Pray for our healthcare leaders

  • Let us give thanks to God for those who provide leadership in the healthcare sector during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Let us give God thanks for the success of the countries’ aims to eliminate the virus.
  • Let us pray that God will bless the country’s efforts to secure the necessary personal, protective equipment and machines to protect the staff and eliminate the virus.
  • Let us ask God to keep the members of the healthcare team & their families free from the virus.
  • Let us pray for the necessary strength of mind, body and spirit to cope successfully during these very stressful times.
  • Let us pray for wisdom on how best to inspire and continually motivate those they lead.

Pray for our educational leaders

  • Let us give thanks for those who provide leadership in the educational sector, that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, skills and positive values for our students at all levels and in all sectors.
  • Let us pray that God will give them insight and the capacity to enable our students to realize their true potential, become productive citizens of good character, equipped and committed to playing their part in the social and economic development of Jamaica.
  • Let us pray that God will grant our educators and student leaders wisdom to come up with creative solutions to provide education to our students as they battle the challenges of learning during this pandemic.

Pray for our family and community leaders

  • Let us give thanks for those who provide leadership in our families, for fathers and mothers who love, care and protect each other and extend that care to their children, and especially for single parents who both mother and father their children.
  • Let us give thanks for those who formally and informally provide leadership in our communities especially those who look out for the vulnerable and needy and serve as peacemakers in volatile areas.
  • Let us pray that God will continue to inspire, equip and empower our family and community leaders to build strong resilient families and communities that bring out the best in our citizens.

Pray for our leaders in the Judiciary and security services

  • Let us give thanks for the leadership of our Judiciary and Security Forces that seek to reduce crime and injustice despite the challenges and create a safer and more law-abiding Jamaica.
  • Let us pray that God will empower them to serve effectively, with integrity, competence and commitment. Let us especially pray that they, with the support of all Jamaicans, succeed in reducing crime and preventing the abuse and killing of our children and vulnerable citizens. Let us pray that the efforts aimed at transforming the Judiciary will be successful.

Pray for our political leaders

  • Let us give thanks to God for the men and women who give political leadership to the citizens of our country. Let us pray that God will bless the country with the necessary personnel, financial and other resources necessary to administer the country’s affairs on a timely basis
  • Let us ask God to help them to provide exemplary leadership marked by: integrity, compassion, competence, character and love; “so that Jamaica may, under God increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.”

2021 Charity

Each year the NLPB Committee contributes the money collected at the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, to a selected project or charity. The 2021 project will be in support of students experiencing challenges in the online learning environment due to not having the adequate resources, specifically, tablets/computers.

In order to contribute to this effort, we ask that you make contributions through the NLPB VMBS account – 22684518. Donations can be made online as follows:

From your VMBS Account

Log on to your VM Express Online Banking Account and select ‘Payment and Transfers’ then choose the Bill Payment option to make a contribution to the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

From your VMBS Account

Log on to your VM Express Online Banking Account and select ‘Payment and Transfers’ then choose Intrabank transfer to Account number: 22684518.

From your account held at another bank

Log on to your Online Banking platform and note the following details:

Name of Financial Institution: Victoria Mutual Building Society
Name of Account Holder: National Leadership Prayer Breakfast
Account Number: 22684518


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Victoria Mutual Foundation

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Rev. Dr. Dylan Toussaint is the pastor of the Edgewater/Waterford Circuit of Baptist Churches in Portmore, St. Catherine. He is married to Andrea and the union has produced their son Dane & daughter DeAnna.

Rev. Toussaint is a graduate of Jamaica College, the United Theological College of the West Indies, the University of the West Indies and the Columbia Theological Seminary (U.S.A.) where he earned his Doctoral Degree.

Pastor Toussaint has been a pastor of the Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU) for 32 years. Within that time, he has served as Deputy Moderator of the Westmoreland / Hanover Baptist Association and Moderator of the St. Catherine Baptist Association. He has also been involved in the JBU’s Media, Social-Issues, Evangelism & Family Life ministries.

Rev. Dr. Toussaint is a Justice of the Peace and a Voluntary Chaplain of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. He is also a part-time lecturer at the College of Theological and Inter-Disciplinary Studies (CTIS) and a former adjunct lecturer of the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS).

Rev. Toussaint has been a regular speaker at conferences, retreats, seminars, conventions and crusades across the island. He is the co-host of the ‘Morning Watch’ and a counsellor on the ‘To Have and To Hold’ programme which are both aired on LOVE FM. He is also a freelance columnist for the Western Mirror.

Fitzroy ‘Pablo’ Wickham is a former head boy of the York Castle High School in Brown’s Town, St. Ann. He grew up just outside of Brown’s Town in the district of Orange Hill with his older sister, Kimberly, and together they were raised by their single-mother, Mrs. Florence Wickham. His father, Mr. Ronald Wickham, died when Fitzroy was only two years old and since then Mrs. Wickham, a high school mathematics teacher encouraged her children to make the most of a good education. In 2014, Fitzroy was named Jamaica’s Top CSEC student after he picked up 12 CSEC subjects in the CXC examinations—all with distinctions! He was awarded the Governor General’s Achievement Award for Youth in 2016.

Since graduating from high school and sixth form, the Yorkist moved on to Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, USA where he is currently a senior undergraduate double majoring in Neuroscience and Theatre with a minor in Chemistry. He is a research assistant in the Naegele Lab at the Wesleyan University conducting stem cell research to treat temporal lobe epilepsy in mice. On campus, he also serves as a Head Resident for Residential Life, Senior Class President, Honor Board/Community Standards Board member, student theatre and the Jamaican Heritage Club, YAADI. His aspirations are to become a neurosurgeon, researcher and actor. He is the Jamaica Rhodes Scholar 2021 and is expected to continue his postgraduate studies in Neuroscience at the Oxford University in October of next year. He joins a long list of illustrious Jamaican academics who have earned this honor.