Victoria Mutual (VM) believes in the philosophy that a successful business is more than the bottom line but it also involves creating a safe and healthy work environment for each employee. Loyal customers are not the only factor that contributes to an organisation’s growth and longevity, but having a team of healthy engaged employees is just as important. This position has inspired VM to create an environment in which employees experience a holistic work environment geared to encouraging good physical, intellectual, emotional, social, occupational, spiritual and environmental wellness. A win-win situation for all.

The Victoria Mutual Group Employee Wellness Programme is designed to help team members make positive changes in their lives leading to improvements in job performance, morale, motivation, self confidence, health, fitness and camaraderie as well as reductions in medical expenses and stress levels.

Mission Statement

The Victoria Mutual Group Staff Wellness Programme aims to enhance organisational health by providing diverse wellness activities which meet the needs of the Victoria Mutual Family Members and encourage healthier lifestyles in all spheres of their lives.


  • Increase the well-being of all Team Members, thereby improving staff morale
  • Reduce absenteeism due to stress and illness
  • Reduce health care cost to employees and the organisation

Employee Wellness Activities

  • Quarterly Health and Wellness Lectures
  • Weekly Exercise Classes (Dance, Aerobics & Yoga)
  • Inter-House Sports Competitions
  • Annual Family Sports Fun Day
  • Games Evenings
  • Evenings of inspiration
  • Arts Festival
  • Subsidised Lunch Programme

Victoria Mutual remains fully committed to continuously improving our wellness programme and providing a healthy and positive work environment.