Victoria Mutual...Committed to our nation

Jamaica is more than our home; it is our heart. Our commitment to Jamaica has led to the implementation of several Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with the aim of making a positive impact on our communities and national development. Our current initiatives span three key areas: Nation Building and Community Development, Education and Sports. In instances where we are unable to partner fully, we provide support for through charitable donations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Victoria Mutual has remained committed to the Jamaican Society and its loyal members through participation in social initiatives and corporate events that aim to significantly impact the well-being of each individual. In so doing, we have made a positive impact on community development, character building, family life and social stability.

At Victoria Mutual, we seek also to develop our staff with the Staff Wellness Programme, which offers a holistic approach to the well-being of team members through the offering of various activities that promote a healthier and balanced life.

Through participation in events such as Sigma Corporate Run, VM's Family Fun/Sports Day and Easter Concert, we continue to create an environment that allows our Team Members to perform at their fullest potential.