Bi-annual Forums in Florida

community_outreach01The Victoria Mutual Building Society Florida Representative Office, which serves as liaison between the Society’s Chief Office in Jamaica for existing and prospective members and customers in the United States, creates an opportunity for Jamaicans and Caribbean Nationals living in South Florida to be updated on the economic outlook for Jamaica and the Caribbean through the hosting of its Bi-Annual forums. The Forums are also an opportunity for Victoria Mutual to update the Diaspora on its transformation programme and its strategic outlook.

United Way of Jamaica

community_outreach03The Victoria Mutual Group is dedicated to advancing its social outreach programme to the nation of Jamaica, its Diaspora and the wider Caribbean. One of the many way this is undertaken is through our support of the United Way of Jamaica (UWJ). In recognition of our efforts, VMBS has been honoured by the (UWJ) with several awards for its donations to multiple charities in Jamaica. Find out more.