Victoria Mutual Foundation ‘Head-Start’ Programme

Get A “Head-Start” on Your Educational Journey

At Victoria Mutual we do more than just make housing dreams come true; we also assist our Members to achieve their educational dreams while on their journey to financial independence. This is because we believe in the transformative power of education in the lives of individuals and the development of our nation.

Our Scholarship Programme

The VM Foundation Scholarship programme is aimed at giving our student savers a financial “head start” on the educational journey to a brighter future. The programme is over 30 years old and has provided educational support to over 1600 beneficiaries.


The VM Junior Plan “Head-Start” Scholarship and PEP Bursary  are for students who have completed PEP in the year of application and will be starting school. The top performing student in each county is selected for the PEP “Head-Start” Scholarship and top performing students across all parishes will be chosen for a one-time PEP Bursary. All applicants must have an active VMBS account

Other scholarships at the youth level are the VM Future Plan “Head-Start” Scholarship, which has a 3-year tenure and is awarded to four VMBS student savers, towards local tertiary education; the VM Master Plan “Head-Start” Scholarship, which is awarded to one VMBS student saver pursuing final year studies at a local university and the new VM STEM Scholarship awarded to one who will be starting tertiary education and pursuing studies in the area of Science, Technology,
Engineering or Mathematics.

Scholarships or Bursaries for each Step of your Educational Journey

Let us give you a “Head Start” on your educational journey. Apply for scholarships or bursaries under the Victoria Mutual “Head-Start” Scholarship Programme today.

Applications close June 26, 2020. For hard copies of application form visit a VMBS branch near you!


Scholarship Awards General Terms & Conditions

The following dictates the general terms and regulations governing the Victoria Mutual Foundation Scholarship Awards programme.

The Victoria Mutual Foundation is hereby known as the donor.

  • Each award shall be known as a VICTORIA MUTUAL FOUNDATION AWARD.
  • Scholarships shall be tenable for the following: High/Secondary Schools, the University of the West Indies, the University of Technology, the College of Agriculture Science and Education, The Mico University College, the Edna Manley School of the Visual Arts and any other tertiary institution approved by the donor.
  • The donor shall appoint a panel of selectors and a named Chairman. The panel will make the selection and recommend to the donor for approval.
  • (a) The candidate must be a Jamaican who attended school in Jamaica for at least the five years proceeding the year of application.
    (b) Must be a person of good character, disciplined and self-motivated.
  • Each candidate must have already been accepted by or be already attending the named institution to pursue a full time course of study.
  • Each scholarship is awarded on basis of academic achievement, financial need, community/extra-curricular activities and leadership qualities, as well as general attitude, deportment and behaviour of the student.
  • All evidence of examinations passed must accompany the application form when completed and is subject to verification by the Ministry of Education where applicable.
  • An application will not be considered if all the supporting documents are not received along with it by the deadline date.
  • Any candidate who receives a scholarship award from any other source shall not be eligible for consideration.
  • Any candidate, to whom this scholarship award is made, shall not simultaneously hold any other scholarship award or any other award which would impair the awardee’s ability to fulfill the conditions of this scholarship.

i) The holder of the scholarship award shall pursue the course of study named in the application and approved by the donor and any alteration made without the prior approval of the donor may result in a withdrawal of the scholarship at the donor’s sole discretion.
ii) The value of the scholarship and the installments, which will be paid by the donor, will be determined solely by the donor in accordance with the approved course of study.
iii) The scholarship awardee is expected to maintain an above-average grade (at least B) in all subjects being pursued in the course of study, as well as full participation in the institution’s activities and a consistently high level of performance.
iv) The donor shall require semester reports from the institution, regarding the aptitude, attitude, performance and conduct of the awardee and such information and other considerations shall be used by the donor in evaluating the continuation or withdrawal of the scholarship from the awardee.
v) The donor reserves the right to utilize images of the awardees in press publications (print and/or electronic) as it sees fit, for publicity purposes.
vi) Each awardee shall sign an agreement with the donor indicating that he has read, accepted and will honour the terms and conditions of the scholarship award and that the donor reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship award if the awardee fails to meet any or all of the general conditions, special conditions and regulations governing the award.

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