Rezworth Burchenson, MBA, BSc

Chief Executive Officer - Victoria Mutual Wealth Management

Rezworth Burchenson’s foray into the financial services sector began at Sigma Investments Ltd in 1995, where he was employed in the role of Investment Analyst. His drive for success saw him being promoted to Equity/Research Manager and later Vice President and General Manager at the merged Pan Caribbean Asset Management Ltd, with an overarching responsibility for managing Jamaica’s largest unit trust (Sigma Unit Trust). In early 2006, Mr. Burchenson joined Prime Asset Management Ltd, later Victoria Mutual Pensions Management and would go on to excel as Chief Executive Officer.

On September 1, 2016, following a restructuring exercise within the organisation, Mr. Burchenson took on the additional role of Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Victoria Mutual Wealth Management, the investment arm of the Victoria Mutual Family. He was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Mutual Wealth Management in January 2019.

Throughout his career, he has been consistently involved with various corporate bodies, including as a Director of the Pension Funds Association of Jamaica (PFAJ) and as a Member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Best Practice Committee. He is also a former director of the National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC), the National Education Trust Ltd (NET), Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica and a former member of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica’s (PSOJ’s) Economic Policy Committee.

In 2012, Mr. Burchenson was named to the PSOJ’s “50 Under Fifty” in the field of investments and finance. A Barclays Bank Scholar while at the University of the West Indies, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Hons.) and an MBA in Banking and Finance (Hons.).

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